I was recently invited to Colombia for the EIMI children’s wear trade show where I was among more than 60 international visitors from 11 regions around the world, including Ecuador, the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Venezuela, El Salvador, Peru, Costa Rica and Panama.

I had the opportunity to visit several manufacturers both in Bogota and Bucaramanga who, in addition to producing their own brands, are able to offer full-package sourcing and production for other companies. It was especially helpful to sit with one manufacturer as they finished samples for one of my clients.

I was looking for and found resources for fabric development, sewing, embroidery and smocking. Generally speaking, the quality of goods on offer was quite high. Additionally, many of them are seasoned in working with American labels, having done so for a number of years. Also, the free trade agreement between our countries makes it fiscally attractive as well.

Here’s a glimpse of the fair, the runway shows and factories I took in during our 6-day visit:

colombia market small